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What to bring when boarding
What you bring when boarding your pet can be just as important as the activities to your pet's health and happiness. Below are a few ideas along with some information on how we can help.
Although we do carry some types of food and can supply it at no extra charge it is always best for your pet to have the food they are used to especially when the stress of boarding is added. A change in food can result in upset stomach, digestive issues, and sometimes even illness. Feel free to bring your pet's favorite treats!

We provide all of the dishes, including a water bucket and a bowl for food. If your pet does need a special dish for food (ie; Slow Feed Bowl) please let us know when making your appointment. 
Food and Treats
Toys and personal items
Bringing toys, blankets, and other items is encouraged and will help your pet's stay to be less stressful however be aware that you should plan carefully on what to bring. Chew toys, stuffed animals, and items of that sort are a wonderful way to help keep your pet busy but pets can sometimes become possessive when stressed. They may try to destroy or "mark" some items in order to prove it is their property. For this reason for new boarders we recommend items that are more durable and less likely to be destroyed. Bedding of any type should be washable and "disposable". Your favorite blanket or Grandma's homemade quilt?...probably not a good idea! 

Also keep in mind, your pet's space is somewhat limited so please try to limit your pet to just a few toys.
Note: All boarding reservations must be made via telephone. We can not reserve reservations by email.
Vaccination Requirements
We want to insure the health and safety of all of our guests, so we require all pets be up to date on Rabies and Distemper vaccination. Dogs also require the Bordetella Vaccination, which must be given at least one week before boarding. All records must be sent by the vet or provided on a veterinary letterhead.