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Standard Doggie Suites
All suites have indoor and outdoor runs.  Your dog has access to the covered outside patio all day until bedtime.  The indoor bedroom is air-conditioned in the summer and has radiant heat in the winter.  A pet cot doggie bed is provided.  Your dog's own blanket, toys and treats are encouraged!  Each dog has singular access to an outdoor play yard four times a day to stretch and do their business.  If more activity is desired, we offer a variety of playtimes, alone or with other social dogs.  Bring your own food, or we will provide one of several varieties.
We also offer Double sized rooms for multiple pets or those pets with "more to love". Twice the size, both inside and out.  

$21 a night (Starting 1/1/23)
Boarding Services
Cat Condos
Spacious cat condos with multiple levels, resting shelves, and comfy beds to sleep in are located in their own room away from the noise of the doggie suites.  The temperature-controlled cat room has a large picture window, and each kitty takes their turn throughout the day roaming around outside of their condo, climbing cat furniture, playing with toys, bird watching, or just lying in the sun.  One-on-one activity time is available for your cat at an additional fee.  Your cat's own blanket, toys and treats are encouraged!  Bring your own food, or we will provide Purina Cat Chow.  

$13 a night (Starting 1/1/23)
Deluxe Suites
Our deluxe suites have their own outdoor patios with a private yard.  Your pet's own blankets or toys are welcome and encouraged!  The indoor enclosure is air-conditioned or heated depending on the season.  The deluxe suites are twice the size of our regular suites and are located in a separate area from the general boarding population.  Because of this, the deluxe suites provide a homey, quieter environment.  One activity of your choice is included in your pet's stay in the deluxe suites.  Bring your own food, or we'll provide one of our several varieties.  ​

$32 a night (Starting 1/1/23)
Deluxe Cabin Suites
Our new Deluxe Cabin Suites offer a room a bit larger than the Standard Suites. This spacious, heated and air-conditioned ​room offers it's own outdoor run as well as a semi private yard that your dog can access 4 to 5  times daily. Boarding includes a free activity of your choice every day.

$29 a night (Starting 1/1/23)